Sunday, June 29, 2014

A special Giveaway

Hello everyone,

are you enjoying your Sunday?
Well I guess I am about to make it just a teeny, tiny bit better. How you might ask yourselves right now....
Simple. Look at the picture below!

Yes yes! That is an original signed picture of our boys! We got that done in Berlin, just for you!
What do you have to do to get it? 

First off all: Jump onto our Facebookprofile
Then: Read the pictures instructions. It's that simple :) 

Oh btw: The copyright is not on the original picture we will be sending to the winner lol
Don't worry about that.

Trevor: "Who says boy banders aren´t handy?"

"#piccollage Saturday night before and after!! Who says boy banders aren't handy?? Ask @crysnetwork she knows I got skills #timthetoolmantaylor #useyourhands #followdorections #exciting #saturdaynight"

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Always sunny...

While it´s raining in germany... Erik send us a hot picture ;)

"Always Sunny... #summertime #poolside#busyweekahead #adayinLA"

Be ready tomorrow!

A few days ago, we posed this picture...and asked you to guess, what it means...

In exactly 24 hours! (7pm CEST / 10am PST / 1pm EST) you´ll get your answer! Be ready, for something O-so-cool! 

We promise you´ll love it!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Exclusive: "Making The Band stars O-Town talk Ashley Parker Angel, 'Liquid Dreams'"

They were stars of hit US show Making The Band, but when Erik-Michael Estrada, Jacob Underwood, Trevor Penick, Dan Miller and Ashley Parker Angel first arrived for auditions in 1999, they had no idea they were taking part in a reality TV show.

Unknown to them, O-Town were about to become the very first band to find success as a music group via the medium of television, long before The VoiceThe X FactorAmerican Idol and evenPop Idol.

Spanning hits such as 'Liquid Dreams' and 'All Or Nothing', O-Town enjoyed considerable success, but bad fortune led to the demise of their group in 2004.

Fast forward 10 years, and the boys – or more suitably men – are back with a brand new single'Skydive' and forthcoming album, Lines & Circles. Now wiser and mature, O-Town are back on the scene, but they're without frontman Ashley.

We grabbed a chat with the pop sensations ahead of their London gig last week, where they opened up to Reveal about crazy antics in the band, living life away from the spotlight and why making a comeback without Ashley is bittersweet… 

How does it feel to be back in London as a group after a decade?

Read all answers and more questions here:

100.000 clicks on Youtube

Congratulations to O-Town for hitting 100.000 clicks on Youtube! That only took one week!

Guessing Game

I was in the mood for a little guessing game. Are you too? 

With Skydive on Youtube almost hitting 100.000 (we can do that today right?) I thought... A game would be fun. 

It's also a clue at the same time btw  A clue for something that is coming your way preeeetty soon.
So let's start! What is this?

Berlin Concert: Video

O-Town | "Skydive" (Thank you, Nicole Nickelsen)

O-Town | "Money On My Mind" (Cover, Sam Smith) (Thank you, Sabine Pfohl)

O-Town | "Love Should Be A Crime" and "We Fit Together" (Thank you, Sabine Pfohl)

O-Town | "We Fit Together" (Thank you, Sabine Pfohl)

O-Town | "All Or Nothing" (Thank you, Sabine Pfohl)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

YT New Music This Week: #6 for Skydive!

"OTown´s ‪#‎Skydive‬ is on #6 on YouTube´s New Music This Week!!"

(Thank you, Charmaine for the Info)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yahoo! - "O-Town has a new single (and we’ll be listening to it on repeat all day)"

"They haven't released a music video in more than ten years, but time has been nothing but kind to O-Town.Last week the quartet debuted the music video for their new single, "Skydive," off their upcoming album, "Lines & Circles," their first since breaking up in 2003. The video shows a band that has grown up since 2000 when they formed on "Making the Band."Back on screen are Jacob Underwood, Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick, and Dan Miller. Gone is Ashley Parker Angel, who turned down the chance to reunite in 2011, turning the group into a quartet (though he did congratulate them on their video).

While "Lines & Circles" will not be released until Aug. 3, the four remaining O-Town members have obviously matured, if the new video is anything to go by. The saccharine lovelorn lyrics and dramatic scenes with hot actresses have persisted, but here are five ways the 14-year-old band has grown up:
No more group choreographyBack in the 200s, the boys tried to keep their dance moves in sync in "Liquid Dreams," but the result was pretty laboured and hard to watch. This time around, they are only fleetingly seen together on screen -- and even when they are, they've embraced their own individual moves."

Read more and watch the videos here:

O-Town private: Thats a musicians quirk

"Even though 10 years have passed since O-Town first toured, the guys still have fun. 
Their new album will be released in August. That's reason enough to look deeper into Dan Miller (33) and his colleagues. In the Promiflash interview they've revealed a few things, fans might not have known before. Especially Dan surprised us with this revealing fact: “Everybody is always surprised but I don't like masses of people. I probably have the wrong job.” While one has small issues with too many people, the other one likes healthy eating.  
Trevor Penik (24) says “I love jucing. I drink a lot of green juice with cucumber, Spinach and turnip greens. At home I drink a green juice every single day.” His colleague Erik (34) also changed his way of life . “I don't think alcohol anymore. Ten years ago I used to drink a lot and go party. Now Dan and I will go to bed early, while Trever and Jacob party. 
Now, the boy band that was so successful ten years ago, calls itself a menband."

Source: | O-Town reunite after almost a decade

American boy band O-Town reunite after almost a decade

June 23, 2014 10:23 AM EDT — 
"The American boy band O-Town, originally formed on the ABC reality series “Making The Band,” reunite and return with a new single “Skydive” after a decade long wait. (Reuters)"

Monday, June 23, 2014

OTownReloaded meets O-Town!

Before the show in Berlin (2014/June/18), we got the chance to met O-Town!

After giving the guys some candy and something to play with... We asked them some serious questions about the album, the US Tour... but also funny questions! 

Since we have some german fans who aren´t so good in english, we have transcript in german!
(Da wir wissen das wir einige Fans haben, die der englischen Sprache nicht allzu mächtig sind, haben wir es für euch noch einmal in deutsch niedergeschrieben)

We´ll post later the english transcription as well. 

We can´t wait to read your comments or see your likes! Feel free to share it well :)

And now... Skydive!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

OTownReloaded meets O-Town (preview)

Here is a preview of our Interview with O-Town (Berlin, June 18th)

Trevors first fight!

"Our first fight!!! @tessapeek3 love you #vegas #holler"

#TATDfancam in Cologne

The production of #TATDfancam are finally over ;) 

"Koln. #TATDFancam #townfolk #skydive #skydivers"
(Click on the link to watch the video)

Ashley congratulates O-Town on the video!

Ashley Parker Angel congratulates O-Town on the video premiere of 'Skydive'

"With the release of their video for their new single “Skydive,” O-Town is receiving nothing but support from former band member Ashley Parker Angel.
With the release of their video for their new single “Skydive,” O-Town is receiving nothing but support from former band member Ashley Parker Angel.
With more than a decade hiatus from recorded music, the band has continued on without Angel who decided not to reunite with his four bandmates, according to Billboard.
He took to Twitter however, to congratulate the now foursome and told fans to check out the trailer for their new single that was released last week.
Unlike their previous singles, the band has opted not to dance in the first video released from their new album. Although it still takes place in a dessert setting as they sing to a beautiful blonde, O-Town’s music has made a shift musically. The reunion was ultimately inevitable.
"We started this reunion purely for the fun of it," said O-Town’s Jacob Underwood to Billboard. "We had discussed a summer tour to perform our old songs and finally give the fans what they’ve been asking us for the last 10 years. However, once we began working, what developed was something a little more ambitious. The ideas kept flying and we couldn’t help but start making new music."
The band announced the reunion back in March and now have the release date for their new album, Lines & Circles, set to August 3. “Skydive” will be available for purchase July 27."

Saturday, June 21, 2014

ET Canda: O-Town Have Returned With Brand New Music Video

O-Town (Yes, That O-Town) Have Returned With A Brand New Music Video

"It's time to dig your Jacob Underwood poster out of your mom's garage and place back onto your bedroom wall.
Making the Band's O-Town are officially on the comeback trail. The boy/man band have dropped the video for the brand new single "Skydive". It's a promo that's light on choreography, but features loads of shots of the group (now a quartet with Ashley Parker Angel declining the reunion invite) singing on giant rocks and occasionally looking in desperate need of CAA. (The automotive association, not the talent agency. That said, they probably wouldn't mind if you sent a kind word along.)
"Skydive" is the lead single from the group's upcoming album entitled Lines & Circles. The new full-length is due out in stores on August 3, but the video for "Skydive" is available for you to check out below. Give it a watch and let us know what you think."
Source. ETCanada

Cologne Concert: Video

Lynn Summers was so nice to show and allow us to share her videos from the Concert in Cologne (2014/06/17). Enjoy! (Thank you, Lynn)

O-Town | Cologne - "Skydive" (Final Song)

O-Town | "I need a Dollar" & "Money on my mind" (Cover Songs)

O-Town | "Can´t Hold Us" (Cover Song)

O-Town | "These Are The Days"

O-Town | "We Fit Together"

O-Town | "Liquid Dreams" & "Girl" (Opening)


"That's right!!! All the way from San Diego... GO GERMANY!!! @otownofficial #worldcup #fanforlife #gogermany"

Berlin #TATDfancam

"Berlin. @iamerikestrada #TATDFancam"
(Click on the picture to watch the video)

 Do you see the glow sticks the fans are wearing? That was our surprise for the fans in Cologne and Berlin! :D Hope you liked it!

OTown says Thank you

"Big Thanks to our opening act @p_kronenberger Good x. Classy guy. #skydive #eurOtown"

Trevors Weekend Pictures

trevorpenick24 "Kyle's bachelor party!!! Just taking advantage of the amenities at the Aria Sky Suites #bachelorparty #vegas #aria #robes#tyingtheknot"

"Me and my boy @justenmarquee #nohomo#edcweekend #hestheman #smilewithteeth@leann_vegas"

Skydive Video

Here it is guys. We know its a bit late, we already shared it on Facebook though. Have fun :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Instagram Update

SorryNotSoSorry ;)

You guys may know that we were at two concerts and didnt have the time to update the website nor facebook with the latest pictures and videos of O-Town´s Instagram life. 

Since there are so many pictures and videos out there, we´ll only post the links to them this time. The next IG posting we will get back to normal.

"On the Autobahn! LUDICROUS SPEED!@danmillerotown @iamerikestrada @trevorpenick24@jacobunderwood7" HERE

"Good thing @danmillerotown was there to chaperone while @trevorpenick24 & @jacobunderwood7 drank on the streets of Cologne!" HERE

"In koln Germany watching Germany whoop that ass in the World Cup.. #bucketlist @otownofficial" HERE

"@iamerikestrada and I had a blast watching the German team win their #WorldCup2014 match" HERE

"@iamerikestrada and I looking super thug standing in front of the church where the 3 wise men are buried." HERE

"Stopped by the famous Mustafa's Gemuse Kebob in Berlin for an after show bite & these young ladies were nice enough to buy my sandwich! Thanks!" HERE

"Pure excitement from @iamerikestrada & complete dejection from @trevorpenick24 upon being stumped in Saved by the Bell trivia. IT BURNS!!!!!!" HERE

"Europe was AMAZING but we're happy to be home!@jacobunderwood7 @iamerikestrada @trevorpenick24@danmillerotown" HERE 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Instagram Video/Picture Update

"Beautiful people of the UK! #TATDFanCam #Latergram#London @ Under the Bridge shout to @crclr for the gear"
(Click on the picture to watch the video)

"#TATDfancam #Solothurn check back tomorrow for#Mannheim"

(Click on the picture to watch the video)

"Pool part Trev!! @trevorpenick24 @otownofficial"

"Gotta love German beer.. :)"

"Love should be a crime! @otownofficial @danmillerotown@iamerikestrada @jacobunderwood7 @trevorpenick24"
(Click on the picture to watch the video)

"@iamerikestrada during the @otownofficial sound check in Mannheim! @danmillerotown @trevorpenick24 @jacobunderwood7"

"Dan and his big wiener.. and this Swiss sausage. :p show in Mannheim tonight!!"