Thursday, January 29, 2015

#TrevorTakesOver TwitterChat 01/27/2015

After Jacob and Dan, it was/is now Trevors Week. He had his TwitterChat on Tuesday. Of course we put it together for you! Even when it took us ages ;) ´14´pages!! 

O-Town @OTownOfficial7 minutes you guys ready??!!!! 
O-Town @OTownOfficialAlright I will answer as many questions that I can. Love you all for this and thank you in advance for your questions and support

Saturday, January 24, 2015 Interview: "Original reality TV stars, O-Town"

It could definitely be argued that O-Town changed the world. Without the band’s meteoric success on ABC’s reality show “Making The Band,” which chronicled the guys’ every move from the formation of O-Town to two No. 1 singles and platinum status, there might never have been “American Idol” or “The Voice” or “The X Factor.” Groups like One Direction might never even have existed without the pioneering phenomenon known as O-Town.
After a 10-year hiatus, Dan, Jacob, Trevor and Erik-Michael are back. They are a little older, a whole lot wiser, impressively seasoned, in control, and simply better than ever! Their new album, Lines & Circles, is currently available on iTunes and after the success and buzz of both their first single, “Skydive,” and their recent North American tour, O-Town is getting ready to release the follow-up single, “Chasin’ After You.” This week, AXS was lucky enough to get to speak with both Dan and Jacob about the past present and future of O-Town.
AXS: Did you guys think you’d ever be back together again?
Dan: I didn’t.
Jacob: Well, because Dan is so pessimistic (laughing), I started to really believe that it never would...

Friday, January 23, 2015

#DanTakesOver TwitterChat 01/22/2015

As we did it with Jacobs Twitter Chat, we of course did it with Dans!

O-Town @OTownOfficial
Ok dudes! Let's get this #DanTakeover chat started. I'm currently pushing a fussy baby around the house in a stroller :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

JacobTakesOver: Twitter Chat (01/15/2015)

Thursday was JacobTakesOver! He answered a full hour of your questions! We put them together for you! Just click on the button: Read more  

O-Town @OTownOfficial Who's ready?!?!
O-Town @OTownOfficial Starting now! Ask me anything :) @JacobUnderwood7

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Twitter Chat with Jacob!

Yesterday was Jacobs day on IG and Twitter! We got pictures of him getting his next tattoo and a really close up from his eye ;) -- See the pictures here

And we put together all the Twitter questions and answers for you!

Niki @princess21niki @OTownOfficial Are you going to come back to Florida (specifically Orlando) in 2015? 
O-Town @OTownOfficial @princess21niki YES!!  
Carla Garrucho @carlagarrucho @OTownOfficial when is the european tour? 
O-Town @OTownOfficial @carlagarrucho we're starting to book out now so we'll have a schedule soon :)